6th Passive Voice

Passive voice is a sentences where the subject is done by the object. Passive voice is usually used when the objects from active voice are more important than the subjects.
How to change from active voice into passive voice, look at this example :
Active voice : We fertilize the soil every 6 months
1. Subject is We and the Object is Soil, meanwhile verb that used is fertilize
2. First, we swap position the subject with the object into :
The Soil fertilize we
3. Sounds scary, isn’t it? hehe. We’re not finished yet. Next step is to change the verb
4. In that sentences, verb using form 1 (fertilize). In passive voice, we must use form 3, so it becomes :
The Soil fertilized we
5. Next, we must change subject pronoun ‘we’ from active voice into object pronoun ‘us’ in passive voice
6. Last, we add ‘by’ before ‘us’ into the sentences to give more sense, so it will become :
  • Active : We fertilize the soil every 6 months
  • Passive: The soil is fertilized by us every 6 months
It was easy, isn’t it?? hehe
Here some other example from passive voice :
  • Active : He meets them everyday.
  • Passive : They are met by him everyday.
  • Active : She waters this plant every two days.
  • Passive : This plant is watered by her every two days.
  • Active : He met them yesterday
  • Passive : They were met by him yesterday
  • Active : She watered this plant this morning
  • Passive : This plant was watered by her this morning
  • Active : He has met them
  • Passive : They have been met by him
  • Active : She has watered this plant for 5 minutes.
  • Passive : This plant has been watered by her for 5 minutes.
  • Active : Jack sings a song (active)
  • Passive A song is sung by Jack (Passive)

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