9th Negative And Question PV

  1. I don’t like tea. (active voice)
Tea is not liked by me.(passive voice)
  1. She does not write the test.(active voice)
The test is not written by her. (passive voice)
  1. He did not attend the wedding.(active voice)
The wedding was not attended by him. (passive voice).
  1. She did not invite me. (active voice)
I was not invited by her.(passive voice)
  1. She doesn’t waters this plant every two days (active voice)
This plant isn’t watered by her every two days (passive voice)
  1. He doesn’t write this poem (active voice)
The poem isn’t wrote by him (passive voice)
  1. She doesn’t like muscular guy
Muscular guy isn’t liked by her
  1. Mr. John doesn’t read a novel
The novel isn’t read by Mr. John
  1. I’m not doing my homework
Homework isn’t done by me
  1. She isn’t have an ugly face
Ugly face isn’t had by her
  1. Did they catch the thief? (Active)
Was the thief caught? (Passive)
  1. Will The King inaugurate the new bridge? (Active)
Will the new bridge be inaugurated by The King? (Passive)
  1. Do they make cars in Korea? (Active)
Are cars made in Korea? (Passive)
  1. Do the hounds kill the fox? (Active)
Is the fox killed by the hounds? (Passive)
  1. Did the bull kill the matador? (Active)
Was the matador killed by the bull? (Passive)
  1. Have the police found the body? (Active)
Has the body been found by the police? (Passive)
  1. Why has the government banned the film? (Active)
Why has the film been banned by the government? (Passive)
  1. When did they hijack the plane? (Active)
When was the plane hijacked? (Passive)
  1. How did your host family treat you? (Active)
How were you treated by your host family? (Passive)
  1. What caused the accident? (Active)
What was the accident caused by? (Passive)
  1. Has anyone cleaned the oven yet? (Active)
Has the oven been cleaned yet? (Passive)
  1. Is a doctor going to examine you? (Active)
Are you going to be examined by a doctor? (Passive)

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